NYC Gallery Displaying Artwork Made By Artists With Disabilities

2 min readJan 31, 2022

A Manhattan gallery is having an exhibit featuring artists with autism and other conditions. At the Agora Gallery on W. 25 St. in Chelsea, which features 40 artists from RISE in Spirit. -A nonprofit that provides art education and art therapy to those with physical and cognitive impairments. The artwork ranges from drawings to watercolours, mixed media and digital art. From over 250 pieces, there is something for everyone to enjoy. It’s a great way for the artists to self-express and let their creative juices flow, and for it to be shared with a vast audience.

Here is some feedback on the event:

“Even though we have some Salvador Dalis in the front, the most special art in the gallery is from them,” said Rairis Martins, exhibition coordinator at the Agora Gallery.”

“It’s a true honor for me, it’s a big deal,” said Michael Baumann, 23, of Center Moriches, L.I., whose depiction of the Empire State Building is exhibited. “I’m very proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished.”

“The art center has made me want to do a lot of art because there’s no mistakes in art,” said Baumann, who has been taking the classes for a year and counts Jackson Pollock among his favorite artists. “It makes me feel good that I’m welcome there.”

“I think it’s amazing,” said Michael’s mother, Michelle. “Just the fact that their artwork is being recognized, it validates them. He’s very excited.

“We’ve seen with Michael that it’s an outlet for him to express his emotions. Whether it be joy or frustration, he turns to art,” she said.

“People with developmental disabilities, autism, they’re just like you and I, they want to make decisions and express themselves,” said Charles Evdos, executive director of RISE Life Services. “This gives them therapy, basically. Some of them, they’ve come out of their shell, they’re talking to people, smiling.”

The gallery’s work is impactful; it should only encourage other entities to pursue similar work.




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